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        Company Profile

        Hebei Xingyu Chemical Co., Ltd.

               HEBEI XINGYU CHEMICAL CO., LTD. ,Sets up in April 1992, located in Luquan District,Shijiazhuang,Hebei Province with more than 1200 staff,which is a professional manufacturer of Basic Dyes,series of Optical Brighteners and Electronic Chemicals.
               The company has 4 production bases. There are two scientific research centers and four laboratories,specializing in the research and development of new products and the optimization of existing products,we are committed to providing higher-quality products and services and meeting the individual requirements of customers. In production, we insist on the integrated production,the main raw materials are supplied by ourselves,and the lean factory layout ensures continuous and stable supply.
               Through decades of continuous development and innovation,the company's products and service have won the trust and support of all customers in more than 50 countries and regions around the world! We will always adhere to the corporate development philosophy of "INCESSANT,PERFECT,SHARING, GRATEFUL",and try for long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign customers!

      2. 1992

        Sets up in
      3. 1200 +

        Company staff
      4. 4+2+4

        Production bases+Scientific research centers+Laboratories
      5. 50 Countries

        The products are sold far away
      6. Contact us

        Add: Xingyu Building, No. 9, South Shibai Street, Luquan District, Shijiazhang City, Hebei, China 

        Foreign Trade Department: +86-311-69122818 Email: jacky@xingyuchem.com
        Domestic Trade Department: +86-311-69122831 69122926 Purchase Department: +86-311-69122966

        Mobile phone

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